Bulk Create 1000 Viral TikToks for the TikTok Creativity Program with AI

Discover the secret to bulk creating 1000 viral TikToks for the TikTok Creativity Program using AI. Learn how to find the perfect niche, generate quiz questions, create eye-catching visuals, and automate your TikTok growth for maximum earnings. Uncover the insider tips and tricks that YouTube gurus don't want you to know.

July 14, 2024


Unlock the power of AI-driven TikTok content creation and monetization with this comprehensive guide. Discover how to bulk create 1,000 engaging, viral-ready videos in just minutes, and leverage the TikTok Creativity Program Beta to earn up to $113,000 per month. This step-by-step blueprint will help you dominate the platform and maximize your earning potential.

Discover The Lucrative Potential of The TikTok Creativity Program Beta in 2024

If you're not making at least a part-time income from the TikTok creativity program beta in 2024, you are missing out. People, including myself, are making up to $113,000 every month, and all they do is post these easy AI videos that take probably 10 minutes to make.

I'm going to show you my entire blueprint on how to start your first page in a really viral niche, how to go actually viral with your first couple of videos, and along the journey, I'll reveal some great tips many of these YouTube gurus just keep to themselves.

First up, the niche. I've been doing some research, and if you have at least some experience of social media automation, then you might know that riddles and quizzes are taking over YouTube. But you know what? They're not as common on TikTok. This is something you can capitalize on if you act quick.

I brought along my friend Horus here, and he's been studying the TikTok algorithm since the beginning of time. We're going to be doing quizzes today, and I'll take it from here.

I know that many of you watching don't live in the US, and if you know anything about the creativity program beta, then you know that they only allow a select few countries to join. Luckily, I've got a solution. I actually got a few accounts from a website that makes these US TikTok accounts, and I made a deal with the developer. Use code "how to AI 20" and you'll get a little surprise from me to you.

Now that we got that out of the way, it's time for the video creation, and let me tell you, this video is not like my other videos. We're going to be using an old method called "bulk create" in Canva, which lets us create over 30 videos with just a few clicks. This means you can compete through volume or, if you're serious about this, open multiple accounts that you push simultaneously.

The first step is generating the quiz questions that will be used in the video, and as always, we're going to be using our dear friend, ChatGPT, for this. The key move here is asking ChatGPT to structure the response in a table format, which is super important for later on in the video.

Next, it's time to generate the cover image using some free AI website such as Leonardo AI. Just check what the first quiz being mentioned in your video will be about, then go over to Leonardo AI and click "create new image." Download the image, and we're ready to move on to the next step.

Now, it's time to move over to Canva and use their secret "bulk create" feature. Just sign up for your 30-day free trial, create a new project with the TikTok video format, and upload your AI-generated image as the background. Adjust the duration of the first clip to about 8 seconds, which is enough time for each quiz question.

The plan is to include about eight quizzes per video to reach the perfect length, as TikTok is actively pushing these longer videos lately. Add some styling to the text, such as an outline and a background, and don't forget to add a timer and some sound effects to keep the viewer engaged.

Once you've got everything set up, it's time to use the "bulk create" feature in Canva to generate multiple videos with the same format. Just copy the data from the ChatGPT table, paste it into the "bulk create" feature, and connect the data to each text element.

To take it to the next level, you can add an AI voice-over that reads all of the quiz questions out loud. Just head over to a website like 11 Labs, generate the voice-over, and upload it to Canva.

Now that you've got your videos, it's time to grow your accounts. Use a tool like Buffer to schedule your content across multiple platforms, not just TikTok. This way, you can earn money through the TikTok creativity program beta while also growing additional accounts that can earn you over $7,000 per month.

Leverage Riddles and Quizzes to Dominate The TikTok Algorithm

The key to success on TikTok lies in capitalizing on the growing trend of riddles and quizzes. While these formats are popular on YouTube, they are not as common on TikTok, presenting a unique opportunity to stand out.

To get started, we'll leverage the power of AI tools like ChatGPT to generate engaging quiz questions in a table format. This structured data will be crucial for the next step - creating visually appealing quiz videos using Canva's bulk creation feature.

By utilizing Canva's hidden bulk create function, you can efficiently produce multiple quiz videos with just a few clicks. Customize the design, add animations, and incorporate AI-generated voiceovers to enhance the overall quality and engagement.

To further optimize your strategy, leverage scheduling tools like Buffer to post your content across multiple platforms, maximizing your reach and earning potential. Remember, an account with 100,000 subscribers can generate over $7,000 per month, making this a lucrative opportunity.

Don't miss out on the TikTok Creativity Program beta in 2024. Join my Discord community to access live tips and connect with other experienced TikTok creators. Let's dominate the algorithm together!

Bulk Create 1000 Monetizable TikToks with AI-Generated Content

To create a large volume of monetizable TikTok videos, we'll be leveraging the power of AI and Canva's bulk creation feature. Here's the step-by-step process:

  1. Generate Quiz Questions with ChatGPT: Use a specific prompt to have ChatGPT generate a table of quiz questions and answers in a format that's perfect for our video creation.

  2. Create Cover Images with AI: Use a tool like Leonardo AI to generate visually appealing cover images for each quiz topic.

  3. Bulk Create Videos in Canva: Utilize Canva's hidden "Bulk Create" feature to quickly generate multiple TikTok videos with the same format, but unique quiz content.

  4. Add Engaging Elements: Enhance the videos with elements like timers, sound effects, and subtle animations to make them more engaging and professional-looking.

  5. Automate Posting with Buffer: Schedule the videos to be posted across multiple TikTok accounts using a tool like Buffer, allowing you to maximize your reach and earnings from the TikTok Creativity Program.

By following this process, you can efficiently create a large volume of high-quality, monetizable TikTok content that is likely to perform well on the platform. Remember to join the free community in the description for additional tips and support.

Amplify Your Reach with Scheduling and Diversifying Across Platforms

To maximize the impact of your AI-generated quiz videos, it's crucial to leverage scheduling and cross-platform distribution. The key is to utilize a tool like Buffer, which allows you to efficiently manage and schedule your content across multiple social media platforms.

By using Buffer, you can easily post your Tik Tok videos not only on the platform itself but also on other channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This diversification strategy is invaluable, as it can help you reach a wider audience and increase your earning potential.

The process is straightforward: simply create a Buffer account, connect your social media profiles, and start scheduling your posts. Buffer's intuitive interface makes it easy to craft your captions, add relevant tags, and set the optimal posting schedule to avoid being flagged as a bot.

Remember, an account with 100,000 subscribers can potentially earn over $7,000 per month, so the time invested in cross-platform distribution is well worth it. If you need a more detailed tutorial on leveraging tags and other strategies to maximize your video's virality, feel free to let me know in the comments.


In this comprehensive guide, we've explored the immense potential of the TikTok Creativity Program Beta and how you can leverage it to generate a substantial part-time income. By utilizing AI-powered tools and techniques, we've demonstrated a streamlined process for creating engaging quiz-based videos that can captivate your audience and unlock the lucrative rewards of the program.

From niche selection and quiz generation to cover image creation and bulk video production, we've covered every step in detail. The integration of AI voice-overs and the strategic use of scheduling tools like Buffer have further enhanced the quality and reach of your content.

Remember, the key to success lies in taking action and consistently producing high-quality, engaging videos. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can position yourself for success in the TikTok Creativity Program Beta and unlock the financial rewards that come with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, implement these strategies, and start your journey towards a lucrative part-time income stream from the comfort of your own home.