Revolutionize Music Creation with Suno AI: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Discover how Suno AI's latest V3 version revolutionizes music creation with a comprehensive tutorial. Explore diverse styles, from delta blues to electro tango, and learn Suno's powerful workflows to unlock your creative potential.

July 14, 2024


Discover the power of AI-generated music with Suno AI, the cutting-edge tool that allows you to create diverse and captivating tracks with ease. Explore the endless possibilities of this revolutionary technology and unlock your creative potential.

The Power of AI Music Generation: Discover Suno AI's V3 and Its Impressive Capabilities

Suno AI's version 3 is now available to everyone, including those on the free plan. It is the best AI music generator by far, and it just got even better with V3. Suno AI was recently featured in a Rolling Stone article, and this sums up the initial reaction pretty well.

Starting with a simple prompt, such as "solo acoustic Mississippi delta blues about a sad AI," the process is straightforward. Just go to the "create" tab, paste the prompt into the song description box, select "vocals," and click "create." Within seconds, the AI generates two options, each up to 2 minutes long.

The generated song perfectly captures the requested style, adding depth and emotion to the vocals, and even including a guitar solo at the end. As a musician with a diverse background, the creator is truly amazed by the capabilities of Suno AI's V3. It opens up new possibilities for exploring different styles and ideas, making the production side more accessible across various genres and forms of music.

While there may be mixed reactions to such technology, the creator believes that Suno AI will lead more people into creating music, as it allows for experimentation and creativity. The creator showcases the versatility of the AI by generating diverse styles, from Gregorian chants to ragtime and New Orleans jazz funk.

To have more control over the creative process, the creator demonstrates a workflow that involves using the "custom" tab, adjusting lyrics, and generating multiple versions of the bridge and chorus. This iterative approach allows for fine-tuning the final song, resulting in a polished and cohesive track titled "Ghost in the Machine."

Overall, Suno AI's V3 is a game-changer in the world of music generation, offering a powerful and accessible tool for musicians and creators to explore new musical possibilities.

Customizing Your Music: Leveraging Suno AI's Custom Tab for More Control

First, I'll switch over to the custom tab. This is where you'll want to do most of your work, as it gives you more control over the process. You can either input your own lyrics or write a topic, and Suno AI will generate the lyrics for you.

To demonstrate, I'll write a prompt about a YouTube thumbnail story and let Suno AI generate the lyrics. I can then make tweaks or rearrange the parts as needed. It's important to use the custom tab, as the style words you use in the prompt can sometimes get mixed up in the generated lyrics if you don't.

Next, I'll quickly generate an instrumental track. I was experimenting with a dark Electro Tango Eerie trap style, which sounded pretty cool. I'll add some vocals to this later, but first, I want to showcase the diverse range of styles Suno AI can handle.

I'll play through various genres, from Gregorian chants to ragtime and New Orleans jazz funk, to give you a sense of the capabilities. However, I won't play the full songs, as that would take too much time.

After that, I'll walk through the workflow I use to have more control over the music generation process. I'll start with the Electro Tango track I previously created and guide the AI to generate the vocals, adding a pre-chorus and bridge to the song. This involves iterating through multiple generations to find the right fit.

By leveraging the custom tab and taking a hands-on approach, you can unlock the full potential of Suno AI and create truly unique and personalized music.

Exploring Diverse Genres and Styles with Suno AI

Suno version 3 is an impressive AI music generator that can create a wide range of musical styles and genres. To showcase its versatility, I'll walk through generating songs in various styles, from solo acoustic Mississippi delta blues to dark electro tango, new orleans jazz funk, and even a thrash metal song about cute puppies.

Starting with the custom mode, I can either input my own lyrics or have the AI generate them for me. I'll try a poetic song about the difficulties of being a Pac-Man ghost, guiding the vocal style towards an emotional indie folk or singer-songwriter vibe. After some experimentation and tweaking, I end up with a full song called "Ghost in the Machine" that captures the desired mood and lyrical theme.

Moving on, I'll quickly generate short snippets of different genres to demonstrate Suno's range, including a Gregorian chant about needing Wi-Fi, some ragtime, and a funky New Orleans-inspired track. The AI is able to seamlessly adapt to these diverse styles, showcasing its impressive musical capabilities.

Throughout the process, I highlight the importance of experimentation and iteration when using Suno. While the initial generations can be quite good, it often takes some back-and-forth to refine the output and achieve the desired result. This hands-on approach allows for more control and creative expression.

In addition to the music generation, I also showcase Gamma, an AI-powered tool for creating professional-looking presentations, documents, and websites in just minutes. By leveraging Gamma's features, I'm able to quickly build a visually appealing website for a fictional tattoo shop, further highlighting the potential of AI-driven content creation.

Overall, this exploration of Suno's diverse capabilities and the integration of complementary AI tools like Gamma demonstrates the exciting possibilities that these technologies offer for musicians, creators, and anyone looking to streamline their creative workflows.

Elevating Your Presentations and Websites with Gamma's AI-Powered Solutions

Gamma is a powerful AI-driven platform that can help you create engaging presentations, documents, and full websites in under a minute. Whether you need a professional-looking pitch deck, a TED Talk presentation, or a website for your business, Gamma has you covered.

To demonstrate Gamma's capabilities, let's create a website for the new Futurepedia Tattoo Shop. First, I'll select "Create New Web Page" and choose a theme that fits the business. Gamma generates the entire site, including relevant text and images, in just 25 seconds.

If the initial theme doesn't quite fit, I can easily switch to a different one, such as the Aurora Borealis theme, which matches the Alaskan location. Gamma automatically updates the images and layout to match the new theme.

But the customization doesn't stop there. If I'm not satisfied with the generated content, I can simply click the "Help" button and ask the AI to rewrite the section for me. Gamma's AI assistant will provide a revised version that aligns with my preferences.

The final website is responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across desktop and mobile devices. With just a few clicks, I can publish the site and even connect it to a custom domain if needed.

Gamma's capabilities extend beyond websites. The platform can also create stunning presentations and documents, all with the help of AI. Whether you need a pitch deck, a TED Talk presentation, or a professional-looking report, Gamma can handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on the content and messaging.

The best part? Gamma offers a free plan with 400 AI credits, so you can start exploring its features without any upfront cost. Upgrade to a paid plan if you need additional credits or advanced features.

Elevate your professional and creative projects with Gamma's AI-powered solutions. Unlock new possibilities and save time by letting the AI do the heavy lifting, while you concentrate on crafting your message and ideas.

Inspiring Examples: Showcasing Creative Uses of Suno AI and Kyber's Audio Reactivity

In this section, we'll explore some inspiring examples that showcase the creative potential of Suno AI and Kyber's audio reactivity feature.

First, let's take a look at a Twitter clip by @omleyArt, where she has used Kyber's new audio reactivity feature to create a captivating animated music video:

Omley Art Twitter Clip [Music] The song is really cool, and the animation just adds an extra layer of creativity, perfectly complementing the audio.

Another impressive example comes from @or_gorilla, who has also been using Suno AI and Kyber to create unique and visually striking music videos:

Or Gorilla Twitter Clip [Music] The combination of Suno's AI-generated music and Kyber's audio reactivity has resulted in a mesmerizing and captivating visual experience.

Suno AI has also been praised by teachers for its potential in educational settings. As an example, the team at Suno has shared a song about mitochondria, showcasing how the tool can be used to create engaging and informative content:

[Music] Mitochondria, working day and night, Powerhouses, a light shining so bright. Oh, yes, you're the ones with the crucial role, Generating energy to fuel the soul. Out-powering every function you do, It's so well, and then back to you.

Finally, let's explore some of the diverse musical styles that Suno AI can generate. From Gregorian chants to ragtime, New Orleans jazz funk, and even thrash metal about cute puppies, the versatility of this tool is truly impressive:

[Music] Gregorian Chant: "Needing Wi-Fi, oh, we need it so." Ragtime: A lively, Scott Joplin-esque tune. New Orleans Jazz Funk: A funky, trombone-driven groove. Thrash Metal: "Cute puppies, oh, how they make me smile."

As you can see, the creative possibilities with Suno AI and Kyber's audio reactivity are endless. These examples showcase the potential for musicians, artists, and educators to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of AI-generated music and visuals.

Unlocking the Full Potential: Suno AI's Workflow for Enhanced Control and Creativity

While the initial prompts and generated songs showcased the impressive capabilities of Suno AI, the true power lies in the ability to guide and refine the creative process. By leveraging the custom mode and iterative generation, users can unlock a higher level of control and unleash their creativity.

The custom mode allows you to input your own lyrics or write a topic, and then let Suno AI generate the lyrics for you. This approach provides a solid foundation to build upon, enabling you to make tweaks and rearrange the generated content to better suit your vision.

To further enhance the creative process, the workflow involves generating multiple variations of a section, such as the bridge or chorus, and then selecting the most fitting option. This iterative approach allows you to explore different styles, emotions, and nuances until you achieve the desired result.

Additionally, integrating external tools like ChatGPT can expand the creative possibilities. By feeding Suno AI's generated lyrics into ChatGPT, you can refine and enhance the content, adding depth and complexity to the overall composition.

The ability to merge the generated sections, including the intro, verses, and choruses, into a cohesive whole is a crucial step in the workflow. This seamless integration ensures a polished and cohesive final product.

By embracing this comprehensive workflow, users can unlock the full potential of Suno AI, transforming the initial prompts into truly captivating and personalized musical creations. The combination of Suno AI's generative capabilities and the user's creative guidance opens up a world of possibilities for musicians, songwriters, and music enthusiasts alike.


The new Sunno V3 is truly a game-changer in the world of AI music generation. With its ability to create diverse and emotionally-charged compositions across a wide range of genres, it opens up endless possibilities for musicians and creators alike.

The ease with which one can generate high-quality songs, from soulful blues to funky jazz and beyond, is truly remarkable. The workflow demonstrated, involving a mix of custom prompts, lyrical adjustments, and iterative refinement, showcases the level of control and creativity that can be achieved with this powerful tool.

Beyond music creation, the integration with platforms like Gamma further expands the utility of Sunno, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate AI-generated audio into visually stunning presentations and websites. This convergence of audio and visual creativity is a testament to the transformative potential of these technologies.

While there may be valid concerns about the impact of AI on the music industry, the presenter's perspective highlights the exciting opportunities it presents for exploration, collaboration, and the democratization of music production. As Sunno continues to evolve, the future of AI-powered music creation looks brighter than ever.