Simple Tool Earns $5,185 Weekly: Discover the Dumb but Effective Hack

Discover a simple, dumb but effective tool that earned $5,185 in just one week. Learn the easy hack to make $5,000 weekly in 2024 with just a few clicks.

June 16, 2024


Discover a simple yet effective way to earn $5,000 a week in 2024 using a few easy-to-use tools. This straightforward approach can help you achieve your financial goals with minimal effort.

The Easiest Way to Earn $5,000 a Week in 2024

Using simple online tools, you can easily earn $5,000 a week in 2024. Just drop a follow comment with "AI" and DM the author with the word "AI" to get started. This simple method earned the author $5,185 in the last week alone.

The Simple Tool That Earned Me $5,185 Last Week

This simple tool is a powerful way to generate passive income. By dropping a follow comment with "AI" and DMing me with the word "AI", you can get started with this lucrative opportunity. In just the last week, this tool earned me $5,185, demonstrating its effectiveness. The process is straightforward, and with a little effort, you can start seeing similar results.

How to Get Started: Drop a Follow, Comment, and DM

To get started, simply drop a follow on the account, leave a comment with the word "AI", and then send a direct message (DM) with the word "AI". This simple process will allow you to access the tool that has earned the creator $5,185 in the last week alone. The tool is described as a "simple little tool" that can help you make $5,000 a week in 2024. By following these steps, you'll be on your way to tapping into this lucrative opportunity.


This "simple little tool" is not a reliable or sustainable way to earn $5,000 per week. Making such claims without providing concrete evidence or a detailed explanation is misleading and likely a scam. Instead of pursuing get-rich-quick schemes, it's better to focus on building genuine skills, providing value to others, and pursuing ethical business opportunities that align with your long-term goals.