Unleash the Power of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's AI Features

Unlock the full potential of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with its cutting-edge AI features, including photo editing, keyboard enhancements, and real-time language translation. Discover the latest innovations and uncover hidden capabilities to elevate your smartphone experience.

July 14, 2024


Unlock the power of AI with the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Discover a suite of cutting-edge AI features that revolutionize your mobile experience, from intelligent photo editing to seamless language translation. Elevate your productivity and creativity with this transformative device.

Powerful AI Features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have introduced a suite of impressive AI-powered features that elevate the user experience.

Within the photo editor, the AI-powered "Generator Fill" function can automatically adjust and edit your photos, such as tilting the image, with just a single click. Additionally, the AI can intelligently cut out objects from the background, allowing you to erase or reposition them seamlessly.

The keyboard has also been infused with AI capabilities. The "Writing Style" feature can rephrase your messages in various tones, while the "Spelling and Grammar" check ensures your text is error-free. The "Chat Translation" AI can instantly translate your messages into multiple languages.

Samsung has also integrated a powerful Google Lens-like feature, allowing you to simply tap and hold the home button to scan and search for any object or text on your screen.

The Samsung Notes app has been enhanced with AI-powered features, including auto-formatting, summarization, spelling correction, and translation, all accessible through a convenient star icon.

Furthermore, the S24 Ultra's voice recorder can now transcribe recordings, identify speakers, and provide summaries, making it a valuable tool for note-taking and meeting recordings.

The camera system has also seen improvements, with the AI-powered "Provisional Engine" enhancing digital zoom quality and a new slow-motion video feature that can be applied to any video.

With these cutting-edge AI capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a truly advanced and intelligent user experience, empowering you to be more productive and creative than ever before.

AI-Powered Photo Editing

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have introduced impressive AI-powered features within the photo editing capabilities. One of the standout features is the "Generator Fill" function. When you take a photo and want to quickly adjust it, such as tilting the image, you can simply click the new "Generate" button, and the AI will automatically edit the photo for you, providing a before-and-after comparison.

Another AI-powered feature in the photo editor is the ability to cut out objects or subjects from the background of an image. By tapping and holding on any element, the AI will isolate it from the background, allowing you to either erase it completely or drag it to a different location on the image. The AI then attempts to automatically fill in the blank areas left behind, though this feature may require further testing to assess its reliability.

These AI-powered photo editing tools provide a level of convenience and automation that can significantly streamline the editing process, allowing users to quickly enhance their images without the need for extensive manual adjustments.

AI-Assisted Keyboard Functionalities

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have taken the keyboard experience to a new level with the integration of AI-powered features. The keyboards now come equipped with AI capabilities that offer users a range of helpful tools.

One of the key AI features is the ability to analyze your written messages and provide suggestions for rewriting them in different styles. This allows you to experiment with various tones and formats, ensuring your communication is tailored to your needs. Additionally, the AI-powered translation feature enables seamless language conversion, allowing you to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Furthermore, the keyboards now include a built-in spelling and grammar check function. This feature scans your messages and provides real-time feedback, helping you to maintain a professional and polished communication style. With these AI-driven capabilities, the Samsung keyboard has become a powerful tool for enhancing your productivity and communication efficiency.

AI-Powered Note-Taking and Summarization

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra come equipped with impressive AI-powered features within the Samsung Notes app. These features aim to streamline and enhance the note-taking experience.

One of the standout capabilities is the ability to automatically format your notes. By tapping on the new star icon in the Notes app, you can have the AI add headers, bullet points, and other formatting elements to your text, making your notes more organized and visually appealing.

The AI summarization feature is another powerful tool. Simply select the text or PDF you want to summarize, and the AI will quickly generate a concise summary, allowing you to quickly grasp the key points without having to read through the entire document.

The translation feature is also noteworthy, enabling you to translate your notes into various languages directly within the Samsung Notes app, eliminating the need for third-party translation tools.

These AI-powered note-taking and summarization features are designed to boost productivity and efficiency, making the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra a compelling choice for users who value intelligent and integrated note-taking capabilities.

Real-Time Translation During Calls

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a remarkable AI feature that allows for real-time translation during phone calls. This feature, called "Live Translate," enables seamless communication across language barriers.

Users can access this functionality by navigating to the call settings menu. Here, they can select the desired input and output languages from a list of 13 supported options, with more languages to be added over time.

Once enabled, the Live Translate feature will automatically detect the languages being spoken during the call and provide real-time translation, allowing both parties to understand each other effortlessly. This innovative technology can be particularly useful for international business calls, personal conversations with non-native speakers, or any scenario where language differences might otherwise pose a challenge.

The Live Translate feature is a testament to Samsung's commitment to leveraging AI to enhance the user experience. By integrating this capability directly into the phone's call settings, Samsung has made cross-language communication more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Advanced Voice Recording and Transcription

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra takes voice recording and transcription to a whole new level with its advanced AI capabilities. The built-in voice recording app now analyzes every person speaking during a recording and transcribes their words in real-time.

This feature works not only on new voice recordings but can also be applied to old recordings. Simply select the language you'd like the transcription to be in, and the AI will quickly scan through the audio, identify the different speakers, and provide a text-based transcript of the entire conversation.

To take this feature even further, the S24 Ultra offers a "Summarize" tab, which will analyze the transcribed text and provide a concise summary of the key points discussed in the voice recording. This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who relies on voice notes or needs to quickly review lengthy audio recordings.

The precision and accuracy of the voice transcription are quite impressive, with the AI highlighting each word as it's spoken during playback. This makes it easy to follow along and ensure you don't miss any important details.

Overall, the advanced voice recording and transcription capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are a game-changer for productivity and efficiency, allowing users to seamlessly capture, transcribe, and summarize their audio recordings directly on their smartphone.

Remarkable Camera Enhancements

While the overall camera hardware on the Samsung S24 and S24 Ultra may appear similar to last year's models, there are some significant upgrades under the hood. The most notable improvement is the enhanced zoom capabilities.

The S24 Ultra now features a 5x optical zoom lens powered by a 50MP sensor. This provides a substantial boost in zoom quality compared to previous models. Additionally, Samsung has introduced an "AI-powered visual engine" that processes zoomed-in shots, transforming grainy, pixelated images into remarkably clear and detailed captures.

Another new camera feature is the ability to convert regular videos into slow-motion footage. By tapping and holding on a video, the phone's AI can automatically fill in additional frames, creating a smooth slow-motion effect. This quirky feature adds a fun creative element to your video recordings.

Overall, while the core camera hardware may seem familiar, Samsung has leveraged its AI and computational photography expertise to deliver meaningful upgrades to the S24 series' photographic capabilities, particularly in the areas of zoom and video processing.

Premium Design and Durability Upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have received a significant upgrade in their construction materials, making them more premium and durable than their predecessors. The most notable change is the use of a titanium frame, which is more durable, less prone to fingerprints, and slightly lighter than the previous aluminum frame.

The titanium frame not only enhances the overall feel and grip of the devices but also contributes to their increased durability. This premium material choice sets the S24 lineup apart, providing a more premium in-hand experience for users.

In addition to the titanium frame, the display on the S24 Ultra has also been improved. The screen is now flatter, with a more boxier look, and features slimmer bezels. The display has also received a significant brightness boost, now reaching up to 2,600 nits, making it the brightest display on any Samsung phone to date.

While the overall design language remains similar to the previous generation, these subtle yet impactful changes in materials and display quality elevate the premium feel and durability of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have received a significant upgrade in their AI capabilities, offering a range of impressive features that enhance the user experience. The integration of AI into the photo editor, keyboard, and various other applications showcases Samsung's commitment to leveraging advanced technology to simplify and streamline everyday tasks.

The ability to automatically adjust and edit photos, translate messages, and summarize voice recordings are just a few of the standout AI-powered features. The real-time translation during phone calls and the AI-powered visual engine for improved digital zoom are also noteworthy additions that demonstrate Samsung's efforts to push the boundaries of what's possible on a smartphone.

While the physical design of the devices may not have undergone drastic changes, the underlying hardware and software improvements, particularly the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and the extended software and security update support, ensure that the S24 series remains a formidable contender in the flagship smartphone market.

Overall, the AI-driven enhancements in the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra are a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and user-centric development. These features have the potential to significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction, making the S24 series a compelling choice for those seeking a cutting-edge smartphone experience.