Unlocking $1,000+ Daily Profits with AI & ChatGPT: A Beginner's Guide

Effortlessly earn $1,000+ daily with AI & ChatGPT! Discover a proven, automated system to schedule social media posts, follow up on leads, and scale your online business - all using free tools and templates! Get started today!

June 19, 2024


Discover the easiest way to make $1,000 per day with AI and ChatGPT, even as a beginner. This step-by-step process will show you how to automate your content creation and scheduling, allowing you to generate passive income on autopilot.

Easily Schedule and Post Content on Social Media

To get started, go to the link below this video or to First AI Tool.com/go and click on "Get Free Course Plus Bonuses". This will give you access to a 30-day free trial of the necessary tool.

Once you have the trial, you'll be taken to a thank you page. On this page, be sure to click on the "Kickoff Call" button. This will give you access to a $297 value kickoff call for free, where you'll get my exact "snapshot" - the emails, landing pages, and automations I'm building for you.

Next, click on the "Grab Bonuses" button, which will take you to a spreadsheet with a full list of pre-made videos and email templates you can use. These are proven, high-performing assets that my team has created.

To start scheduling your content, simply download the videos from the spreadsheet and upload them to a tool called Radar. Radar allows you to bulk schedule posts across multiple social media platforms, automating your content distribution.

Within Radar, you can easily select which channels to post to, choose the scheduling times, and get your content published. This allows you to post consistently without the manual effort.

Additionally, I'll show you how to automate the follow-up process, where you can automatically respond to comments and send people to your affiliate offers. This creates a complete, hands-off system for generating leads and sales.

Remember, everything I'm providing is completely free to get started. All you need to do is claim the 30-day trial and kickoff call. Let's get you making money online!

Automate Your Email Sequences with Done-For-You Templates

Automating your email sequences is a powerful way to scale your online business. In this section, we'll show you how to leverage done-for-you email templates to streamline your follow-up process and drive more sales.

First, we'll provide you with a comprehensive set of pre-written email templates that you can simply plug-and-play into your email marketing platform. These templates cover a variety of use cases, from welcome sequences to product promotions, all designed to maximize engagement and conversions.

Next, we'll walk you through the process of integrating these templates into your email automation workflows. This includes setting up triggered sequences, scheduling send times, and personalizing the content to match your brand and offerings.

By automating your email sequences, you'll be able to nurture your leads and customers on autopilot, freeing up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your business. The done-for-you templates ensure that your messaging is compelling, consistent, and aligned with proven best practices, giving you a significant advantage over your competition.

Remember, the key to successful email automation is to provide value, build trust, and guide your audience towards your desired actions. With the resources we're providing, you'll have everything you need to get started and start seeing results quickly.

Promote Affiliate Offers and Earn Passive Income

Here's a step-by-step process to automatically schedule videos, emails, and content to promote affiliate offers and earn passive income:

  1. Get the Free Trial: Go to the link below this video or to FirstAITool.com/go and click on "Get Free Course Plus Bonuses" to start your 30-day free trial.

  2. Attend the Kickoff Call: Once you've signed up, you'll be taken to a thank you page. On this page, click on the "Kickoff Call" button to get set up with the pre-built emails, landing pages, and automations.

  3. Access the Content Library: After the kickoff call, you'll be able to access the content library, which includes a spreadsheet with pre-made videos, captions, and hashtags that you can use to start posting on social media.

  4. Automate Posting with Radar: Use the Radar tool (also available through the link below) to schedule your social media posts. You can bulk import the content from the spreadsheet and schedule up to 20 posts per day across 40 different profiles.

  5. Automate Email Sequences: The high-level tool you signed up for includes pre-built email sequences that you can use to automatically follow up with leads and promote your affiliate offers.

  6. Outsource and Scale: As you start to see results, consider hiring a virtual assistant for $3-$4 per hour to help manage the content creation, scheduling, and email follow-up.

The key is to leverage the pre-built resources and automation tools to promote affiliate offers and earn passive income without having to create everything from scratch. Get started with the free trial today and start building your automated income stream.


In this comprehensive guide, we've explored a step-by-step process to leverage AI and ChatGPT to generate over $1,000 per day. The key highlights include:

  • Access to a free spreadsheet with pre-made videos, emails, and affiliate offers to get you started immediately.
  • A 30-day free trial to the necessary tools, including a kickoff call to set up your account with pre-built automations.
  • A free course that walks you through the entire system, from scheduling content to automating follow-ups.
  • Guidance on outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants to scale your operations efficiently.
  • Strategies to automate social media posting, lead generation, and affiliate marketing.

Remember, while we can't guarantee overnight success, by following the proven templates and systems provided, you'll have the best chance of generating consistent income online. Take action now by claiming your free trial and kickstart your journey to $1,000+ per day.