The best Domain Name Generator tools in 2024

We have tested a variety of Domain Name Generator tools and services and selected the best ones for you.

Here we are listing the top 15 Domain Name Generator tools that we recommend.

Domain Name Generator Use Cases

  • #1

    Generating unique and brandable domain names for new businesses or startups

  • #2

    Finding available domain names for specific keywords or niches

  • #3

    Creating memorable domain names for marketing campaigns or promotions

  • #4

    Generating domain name suggestions for rebranding or expanding an existing business

  • #5

    Automatically checking domain name availability across multiple TLDs

How does a domain name generator work?

A domain name generator is a tool that uses algorithms to suggest available domain names based on keywords, phrases, or business names. These tools analyze millions of existing domain names and domain extensions to identify combinations that are not yet registered. They consider factors like relevance, memorability, and availability to propose domain name options that can be useful for businesses, individuals, or websites.

The process typically involves the user entering a keyword, phrase, or business name, and the generator will then suggest multiple domain name variations incorporating those elements. The suggestions may include different top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net, .org, etc. as well as combinations of words, phrases, and common prefixes or suffixes. Some advanced domain name generators may also provide analysis on the search volume, competitiveness, or brandability of the suggested names.

What are some key features to look for in a domain name generator tool?

When evaluating domain name generator tools, some key features to consider include:

  • Keyword Search: The ability to search for and generate domain names based on specific keywords, phrases, or business names.
  • TLD Options: The tool should offer a wide range of top-level domain extensions (e.g., .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc.) to choose from.
  • Availability Checking: The generator should instantly check if a suggested domain name is available for registration.
  • Filtering and Sorting: Advanced tools may allow users to filter results by criteria like keyword relevance, domain length, or extension type. Sorting options can also be helpful.
  • Trademark and SEO Analysis: Some domain name generators provide insights on the trademark status and SEO potential of suggested names.
  • Bulk Generation: The ability to generate and evaluate multiple domain name ideas at once can save time.
  • Integration with Domain Registrars: Seamless integration that allows users to easily purchase available domain names directly through the tool.

How can a domain name generator help with branding and marketing?

A well-designed domain name generator can be a valuable tool for branding and marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Ideation and Brainstorming: The generator can provide a starting point for brainstorming memorable, brandable domain names that capture the essence of a business or website.
  • Keyword Optimization: By incorporating relevant keywords into suggested domain names, the generator can help improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) potential of a website.
  • Trademark Considerations: Some advanced tools can flag potential trademark conflicts, allowing users to avoid names that may infringe on existing brands.
  • Extension Selection: The ability to explore different top-level domains can help users find the best fit for their branding and marketing strategy.
  • Availability and Scalability: By identifying available domain names, the generator enables businesses to secure their online presence and set the foundation for future growth and expansion.

Ultimately, a robust domain name generator can be a valuable asset in the branding and marketing arsenal, helping businesses and individuals establish a strong, memorable online identity.

What are some best practices for using a domain name generator?

To get the most out of a domain name generator, consider the following best practices:

  • Start with Keyword Research: Begin by identifying the key words, phrases, or concepts that are central to your business or website. This will provide a solid foundation for the generator to suggest relevant domain name options.
  • Prioritize Memorability: Choose domain names that are easy to remember, spell, and share. Avoid overly long or complex names that may be difficult for users to recall.
  • Consider Future Growth: Think about how your business or website may evolve over time. Select a domain name that is flexible enough to accommodate future changes or expansions.
  • Check for Trademark Conflicts: Use the generator's trademark analysis features (if available) to ensure the proposed domain names do not infringe on existing brands or intellectual property.
  • Explore Multiple Extensions: Don't limit your search to just the .com extension. Consider other top-level domains (TLDs) that may be more appropriate or available for your needs.
  • Leverage Analytical Insights: Take advantage of any SEO, search volume, or other analytical data provided by the domain name generator to help inform your decision-making.
  • Act Quickly on Available Names: Once you identify an appealing, available domain name, act quickly to secure it before someone else claims it.

  1. SaaS Name Generator

SaaS Name Generator

SaaS Name Generator is a tool that helps users generate catchy and unique names for their SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses. It allows users to instantly find the perfect name for their SaaS and check the domain availability in seconds.

Instant Name Generation: The SaaS Name Generator allows you to quickly and easily generate catchy, relevant names for your SaaS business, saving you time and effort.

Domain Availability Check: The tool integrates domain availability checks, helping you ensure the name you choose is still available for registration.

Customizable Filters: You can filter name suggestions by industry, prefix, suffix, and other criteria to find the perfect match for your SaaS.

Diverse Name Suggestions: The generator provides a wide range of name options, from creative and unique to more conventional and professional-sounding choices.

Time-Saving: Compared to manually brainstorming and researching potential names, the SaaS Name Generator can significantly reduce the time and effort required to find the right name for your business.

Limited Personalization: While the tool offers various filtering options, the name suggestions may not always fully capture the specific branding or vision you have in mind for your SaaS.

Potential Trademark Issues: The tool does not check for potential trademark conflicts, so you'll still need to conduct your own trademark research to ensure the name you choose is available for use.

Dependence on the Tool: Relying too heavily on the SaaS Name Generator may limit your creativity and the uniqueness of your brand name, as the suggestions may be used by other businesses as well.

Potential for Naming Conflicts: If multiple users generate the same or similar names, it could lead to conflicts and confusion in the market.

Ongoing Maintenance: The tool's effectiveness relies on its continuous maintenance and updating to ensure the name suggestions remain relevant and available.

  1. Applio


Applio Premium is an open-source ecosystem that hosts cutting-edge AI voice cloning technologies, unlocking a universe of possibilities powered by AI.

Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Applio is powered by advanced AI voice cloning technologies, providing users with a universe of possibilities.

Open-Source Ecosystem: Applio operates as an open-source ecosystem, allowing for collaborative development and innovation.

Discord Integration: Users can download Applio directly through the popular Discord platform, making it easily accessible.

Innovative Solutions: Applio is at the forefront of innovation, offering users a wide range of AI-driven capabilities.

Limited Information: The provided website content offers limited details about the specific features and capabilities of Applio, making it difficult to fully evaluate the product.

Potential Privacy Concerns: As an AI-powered platform, users may have concerns about data privacy and the implications of using such advanced technologies.

Compatibility and Integration: It's unclear how well Applio integrates with other software or platforms, which could be a consideration for potential users.

Pricing and Subscription Model: The website does not provide any information about the pricing or subscription model for Applio, making it challenging to assess the value proposition.

  1. Suinfy


Suinfy is a SaaS platform that provides web hosting and domain management services to help businesses establish and maintain their online presence.

Reliable Infrastructure: Suinfy operates on a robust and scalable infrastructure, ensuring high availability and consistent performance for your business.

Automated Backups: Suinfy provides automatic backups of your data, giving you peace of mind and protection against data loss.

Scalable Solution: The platform can easily scale to accommodate your business growth, allowing you to seamlessly handle increasing user demands.

Streamlined Workflows: Suinfy offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools to streamline your business operations, improving productivity and efficiency.

Limited Customization: The platform may have some limitations in terms of customization options, which could be a concern for businesses with unique requirements.

Dependency on Third-Party Services: Suinfy relies on third-party services, such as Cloudflare, which introduces a level of dependency that may be a concern for some businesses.

Potential Learning Curve: Adapting to the Suinfy platform may require some initial learning and adjustment, especially for users unfamiliar with similar SaaS solutions.

  1. is an AI-powered platform that enables businesses to automate their workflows by integrating AI, humans, and apps into a unified platform. The platform provides a range of features, including webhooks, scheduled triggers, and secure secret management, to help businesses streamline their operations.

AI-Powered Automation: provides an AI-powered platform to automate various business processes, allowing you to run your business effortlessly with automated workflows involving AI, humans, and apps.

End-to-End Automation: The platform offers complete end-to-end automation, making it convenient to access all the necessary tools and features within a single unified platform.

Webhooks Integration: allows you to trigger your flows with configured webhooks from external apps, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems.

Scheduled Triggers: The platform enables you to schedule your flows to run at a specific date and time, ensuring timely execution of your business processes.

Secure Secret Management: securely stores your secrets, API keys, and access tokens used in the flows, providing a safe and reliable solution for your sensitive information.

Steep Learning Curve: Implementing and configuring the full range of features offered by may require a significant learning curve, especially for users unfamiliar with automation platforms.

Potential Vendor Lock-in: By relying on as your primary automation platform, you may face the risk of vendor lock-in, which could limit your flexibility in the future.

Dependency on AI Reliability: The effectiveness of the AI-powered automation features in is heavily dependent on the reliability and accuracy of the underlying AI technology, which may be a concern for some users.

Customization Limitations: While offers a wide range of features, there may be instances where the platform's pre-built workflows and integrations do not fully meet the unique requirements of your business, limiting the extent of customization possible.

  1. Proposals Generator for Upwork Users

Proposals Generator for Upwork Users

Proposals Generator for Upwork Users is a Chrome extension that leverages ChatGPT AI technology to help freelancers create personalized, high-converting proposals for Upwork job postings in just a matter of minutes. The tool analyzes job requirements and generates tailored proposals that showcase the user's skills and experience, giving them a competitive edge in landing more projects.

Increased Success Rate: The tool significantly increases your chances of landing jobs on freelancing websites like Upwork, where the average winning rate can be as low as 1%.

Time-Saving: The extension allows you to create captivating service offers and tailored proposals in under a minute, making you the first to be seen by clients.

Personalized Proposals: The tool can scrutinize job postings and generate client-specific job applications, ensuring your service offers remain relevant and appealing to potential clients.

Customizable Features: The extension is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust proposal length, language, and tone to match your preferences and maintain a consistent, professional image.

Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface is perfect for both novices and seasoned professionals, making it easy to use and navigate.

Potential Overreliance: Overdependence on the tool could lead to a lack of personalization and a one-size-fits-all approach, potentially reducing the authenticity of your proposals.

Ethical Concerns: The tool's use of AI technology could raise questions about the authenticity and transparency of the proposals, which may be a concern for some clients.

Limited to Upwork: The tool is designed specifically for Upwork users, which may limit its usefulness for freelancers working on other platforms.

Subscription Cost: The tool may require a subscription or in-app purchases, which could be an ongoing expense for freelancers.

Dependency on External Platform: The tool's functionality is dependent on the stability and policies of the Upwork platform, which could be a risk factor for users.

  1. AI Domain GPT

AI Domain GPT

AI Domain GPT is an AI-powered domain name generator that helps users craft unique and memorable domain names. It uses advanced language models and AI algorithms to generate domain name suggestions across various popular categories, making it easier for businesses and individuals to find the perfect domain for their online presence.

Automated Domain Generation: AI Domain GPT can quickly generate a large number of unique and creative domain name ideas using advanced language models and AI technology.

Personalized Suggestions: The AI-powered tool can tailor domain name recommendations based on your preferences, industry, keywords, and brand identity.

Time-Saving: Manually brainstorming and researching domain names can be time-consuming, but AI Domain GPT streamlines the process, saving you valuable time.

Cost-Effective: Compared to hiring a professional domain naming service, AI Domain GPT offers a more affordable solution for small businesses and startups.

Multilingual Support: The tool can generate domain names in multiple languages, catering to a diverse global audience.

Potential for Trademark Conflicts: While the AI-generated names may be unique, they could still infringe on existing trademarks or intellectual property, which could lead to legal issues.

Limited Branding Considerations: The AI-generated names may not always align with your brand's personality, tone, or messaging, requiring additional manual refinement.

Dependence on AI Accuracy: The quality of the domain name suggestions relies on the accuracy and capabilities of the underlying AI models, which could be imperfect or biased.

Lack of Human Creativity: While AI can generate a large number of options, the domain names may lack the personal touch and emotional impact that a human-crafted name can provide.

Potential for Misspellings or Awkward Phrasing: The AI-generated names could sometimes result in misspellings, awkward phrasing, or difficulty in pronunciation, which may not be ideal for a memorable domain name.

  1. is a platform that offers a suite of products and services to help users navigate the online world, including a virtual assistant, AI-powered bots, and community features.

Comprehensive Features: offers a wide range of features, making it a versatile platform for various business needs.

Automated Workflows: The platform allows users to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and improving efficiency.

Collaborative Environment: enables seamless collaboration among team members, facilitating effective communication and project management.

Customizable Interface: The platform provides a user-friendly and customizable interface, allowing businesses to tailor the experience to their specific requirements.

Scalability: is designed to scale with the growing needs of businesses, ensuring that users can accommodate their changing requirements over time.

Learning Curve: The extensive feature set of may require a significant learning curve for some users, especially those unfamiliar with similar platforms.

Potential Data Security Concerns: As with any cloud-based platform, there may be concerns about data security and privacy, which should be carefully evaluated by potential users.

Pricing Structure: The pricing model of may not be suitable for all businesses, especially smaller or budget-conscious organizations.

Dependency on Internet Connectivity: The platform's functionality is heavily dependent on a stable and reliable internet connection, which could be a drawback for businesses operating in areas with poor internet infrastructure.

Limited Integrations: While offers various features, the range of integrations with third-party tools and applications may be limited compared to some competitors in the market.

  1. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business that specializes in providing web hosting and cloud-based solutions for businesses. The website offers a range of services, including website hosting, domain management, and cloud storage, to help companies streamline their online presence and operations.

Comprehensive Website Management: offers a one-stop solution for managing your entire website, including hosting, domain, and website builder tools.

Seamless Integration: The platform integrates various web services, such as Cloudflare, allowing for a streamlined and efficient website management experience.

User-friendly Interface: boasts a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to navigate and perform various website-related tasks.

Scalable Solutions: The platform provides scalable solutions that can accommodate the growing needs of businesses, making it suitable for both small and large-scale enterprises.

Limited Customization Options: While the platform offers a range of website building tools, the level of customization may be limited compared to more advanced website builders or content management systems.

Potential Performance Issues: The reliance on third-party services, such as Cloudflare, could potentially lead to performance issues or service disruptions if not managed properly.

Vendor Lock-in: By using, businesses may become dependent on the platform, making it difficult to migrate to alternative solutions in the future.

Pricing Transparency: The pricing structure of may not be entirely clear, and users may need to carefully evaluate the costs associated with the various features and services offered.

  1. Sarah AI

Sarah AI

Sarah AI is an AI-powered solution that helps businesses automate and innovate their processes and products by leveraging a network of industry experts and professionals. The service provides customized AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Experienced Team: SplenderAI has a network of over 100 experts in the field of AI, ensuring that you have access to a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to guide you through your AI development processes.

Customized Solutions: SplenderAI promises to analyze your case in-depth and personally take care of the entire development process, from allocating the right people to polishing the end result and implementing it into your current systems.

Dedicated Partnership: If you're unsure of where to start with incorporating AI into your business, SplenderAI offers to be your dedicated partner in unleashing the full potential of AI for your organization.

Efficiency Gains: SplenderAI has helped its clients achieve over 1M€ in gained efficiency, demonstrating the tangible benefits of their AI solutions.

Lack of Pricing Transparency: The website does not provide any information about the pricing of SplenderAI's services, which may make it difficult for potential clients to assess the affordability of the solutions.

Limited Case Studies: The website does not include any detailed case studies or success stories, which could make it challenging for potential clients to evaluate the effectiveness of SplenderAI's solutions in real-world scenarios.

Unclear Scope of Services: While the website mentions that SplenderAI can develop custom solutions for businesses, the specific range of services offered is not clearly defined, which may leave potential clients unsure of the full capabilities of the company.



COMSENSEI is an AI-powered domain name search tool that helps users find the perfect available domain name for their next project.

Automated Domain Search: COMSENSEI uses AI to help you find the perfect available domain name for your next project.

Free Basic Search: COMSENSEI offers a free basic domain search option to get you started.

Expert Search: The platform provides an "Expert Search" feature that allows you to refine your search and uncover more relevant domain options.

Free PRO Upgrade: COMSENSEI is offering a free PRO upgrade (worth 50 searches) to users who support the company with a tweet.

Small Team: COMSENSEI is a small team that is looking for user support, which could create a sense of community and responsiveness.

Limited Free Searches: The free basic search option may be limited in the number of searches or domain options available, potentially requiring users to upgrade to the paid PRO plan.

Promotion Uncertainty: The free PRO upgrade offer is limited and may end at any time, which could disappoint users who miss the opportunity.

Reliance on Social Media: The free PRO upgrade is contingent on users sharing content on social media, which may not be appealing to all potential customers.

Potential Bias in Search Results: As an AI-powered platform, COMSENSEI's search results may be influenced by its algorithms, potentially leading to biased or limited options.

  1. IDomains


IDomains is a domain name generation tool that allows users to quickly and easily create their perfect domain name with a single click.

Instant Domain Generation: Create a new domain with just a click, without the hassle of searching and registering manually.

Customizable Domains: Choose from a variety of top-level domains (TLDs) to find the perfect domain that matches your brand or business.

Affordable Pricing: IDomains offers competitive pricing, making it accessible for businesses and individuals to secure their online presence.

Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly platform makes it easy to search, select, and generate your desired domain name.

Broad TLD Selection: IDomains provides a wide range of TLD options, including popular extensions like .com, .net, .org, and country-specific TLDs.

Limited Domain Availability: The platform may not always have the exact domain name you're looking for, as popular and premium domains can be quickly claimed.

Potential for Trademark Conflicts: Users should exercise caution to ensure the domain they choose does not infringe on any existing trademarks or intellectual property.

Lack of Advanced Features: IDomains may not offer advanced domain management tools, such as bulk domain registration or domain portfolio management, which some users may require.

Dependency on the Platform: Users are reliant on the IDomains platform to manage their domain, which could be a concern if the service experiences downtime or technical issues.

Limited Customer Support: The level of customer support provided by IDomains may not be as comprehensive as some users would prefer, especially for complex domain-related inquiries.

  1. FindName


FindName is a tool that helps entrepreneurs quickly generate unique and memorable startup names. By entering two words and a description of their business, users receive 10 name proposals tailored to their needs.

Quickly Generate Startup Names
The tool allows you to generate 10 potential startup names in just a few seconds by entering a few keywords about your business.

Customizable Suggestions
You can customize the name suggestions by entering specific words or a detailed description of your startup.

Saves Time
Generating a unique and memorable startup name can be a time-consuming process, but this tool streamlines the process.

Potentially Useful for Branding
The generated names could provide inspiration or a good starting point for your startup's branding and identity.

Limited Creativity
While the tool generates multiple options, the names may lack the creativity and uniqueness that a custom-developed brand name would provide.

Potential Trademark Issues
The generated names may not be thoroughly checked for existing trademarks or intellectual property conflicts, which could lead to legal issues down the line.

Lack of Context-Specific Suggestions
The name suggestions may not always align perfectly with the specific industry, target audience, or vision of your startup.

Dependence on the Tool
Relying too heavily on the tool for your startup's name could limit your ability to develop a truly unique and memorable brand identity.

  1. is an AI-powered platform that helps individuals discover and build successful side projects. It provides tools and resources to generate business ideas, find the perfect domain name, create a complete business plan, and start selling online.

AI-Powered Ideation: Side uses advanced AI algorithms to generate unique and innovative business ideas tailored to your skills, interests, and experience.

Comprehensive Business Planning: The platform provides a complete set of tools to create a winning business plan, including customized branding, a memorable website, and more.

Domain Name Optimization: The AI-powered domain name generation helps you find the perfect, SEO-friendly domain for your new side hustle.

Supportive Community: The platform is used by over 20,000 happy individuals and remote teams, providing a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Trusted Solutions: Side is supported by the most trusted e-commerce solutions, ensuring a reliable and scalable platform for your business.

Limited Free Plan: The free plan has limited access to the marketplace and only allows for one idea generation search, which may not be sufficient for some users.

Subscription-Based Model: The platform operates on a subscription-based model, which may not be suitable for those who prefer a one-time purchase or are on a tight budget.

Potential Bias in AI Recommendations: While the AI-powered ideation is a key feature, there is a possibility of bias in the recommendations, as the algorithms are trained on existing data.

Dependence on AI: Heavily relying on AI for critical business decisions may not sit well with some entrepreneurs who prefer a more hands-on approach to building their side hustle.

  1. Odaptos


Odaptos is a user testing platform that leverages artificial intelligence to accelerate and enhance the user testing process. It helps companies identify friction points and understand user emotions through advanced analysis of user feedback and interactions.

Accelerate User Testing: Odaptos uses artificial intelligence to streamline the user testing process, allowing businesses to fast-track their user research and get essential insights quickly.

Emotion-Based Analysis: The platform goes beyond just words, using facial detection and natural language processing to analyze user emotions and reactions during testing.

Collaborative User Testing: Odaptos offers a centralized dashboard where teams can access, share, and discuss user test results, fostering collaboration and swift retrieval of insights.

Flexible Pricing: Businesses can choose the number of interviews they need and pay only for what they use, making Odaptos a scalable solution for both regular and one-off user testing.

Comprehensive Features: Odaptos provides a suite of features like automatic transcription, system usability scoring, and an intelligent chatbot to enhance the user testing experience.

Potential Privacy Concerns: The extensive use of facial detection and analysis technology may raise privacy concerns for some users, requiring careful handling of user data.

Learning Curve: Integrating and fully leveraging the capabilities of Odaptos may require some time and effort for teams to become familiar with the platform and its features.

Dependence on AI: The platform's reliance on artificial intelligence for key aspects of user testing, such as emotion recognition, could be a concern for businesses that prefer a more manual approach.

Limited User Panels: The pricing tiers restrict the number of user panels available, which could be a limitation for businesses with complex user testing needs.

Upcoming Features: Some of the more advanced features, like the usability browser and user journey monitoring, are still in development and not yet available for immediate use.

  1. SaaSrefs


SaaSrefs is the ultimate SaaS database that provides insights into emerging SaaS players, growth trends, and user behavior across various SaaS categories.

Comprehensive SaaS Database: SaaSrefs provides a vast database of SaaS tools, making it easy to discover and research new products for your business.

Detailed Insights: The platform offers in-depth information about SaaS tools, including user trends, growth rates, and other key metrics to help you make informed decisions.

Customizable Filtering: SaaSrefs allows you to filter the database by various criteria, such as platform, industry, and feature, to find the best-fit tools for your needs.

User-Friendly Interface: The website has a clean and intuitive design, making it simple to navigate and access the information you need.

Regularly Updated: The SaaSrefs database is continuously updated with new tools and trends, ensuring you have access to the latest market information.

Limited Free Plan: The free version of SaaSrefs may have limited features or data access, which could be a drawback for users with more extensive research needs.

Subscription Cost: To unlock the full capabilities of SaaSrefs, you may need to subscribe to a paid plan, which could be an additional expense for some businesses.

Learning Curve: Depending on your familiarity with SaaS tools and databases, there may be a learning curve in navigating and utilizing all the features of SaaSrefs effectively.

Potential Bias: As a proprietary database, SaaSrefs may have inherent biases or limitations in the information it provides, which could impact the accuracy or comprehensiveness of your research.

Reliance on External Data: The quality and reliability of the insights provided by SaaSrefs are largely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of the data sources it aggregates, which could be a potential risk factor.

Example of Domain Name Generator Tools


Quicklisting is a tool that allows you to automatically submit your startup to over 200 directories, reaching millions of potential users each month. It saves you time by automating the submission process, which would otherwise take days to do manually.


Never is a domain name that is currently parked and available for purchase, provided by

Brandix AI

Brandix AI is a free AI-powered brand name generator that allows users to create unique and memorable brand names in seconds. It also instantly checks the domain availability for the generated names.


In conclusion, the Domain Name Generator tools listed above are the best in their class. They offer a wide range of features and functionalities that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a tool to streamline your workflow, enhance your productivity, or drive innovation, these tools have got you covered. We recommend exploring each tool further, taking advantage of free trials or demos, and gathering feedback from your team to make an informed decision. By leveraging the capabilities of these cutting-edge tools, you can unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.