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PrompBase is a Midjourney prompt builder that allows users to generate detailed and customizable prompts for creating images using the Midjourney AI system. It provides a user-friendly interface to input various parameters such as content, styles, types of shots, and settings to create prompts that can be used to generate unique and high-quality images.


Features of PeopleAI 2.0

Engage with your audience like never before through personalized conversations

Enhance your online presence and create an unforgettable experience for your followers

Boost your personal brand with your very own digital twin

Features of PrompBase

Midjourney prompt builder

Midjourney prompt Generator

Content options (image URL, description, styles, negative description)

Look options (cartoon, photo, lens, lighting, color)

Shot types (landscape, wide, close-up, aerial, panoramic)

Settings (version, style, other models, aspect ratio, seed, chaos, stylize, quality)


Use Cases of PeopleAI 2.0

  • #1

    Create a personalized digital twin of yourself to engage with your audience and boost your personal brand

  • #2

    Enhance your online presence and create an unforgettable experience for your followers through personalized conversations

  • #3

    Use the digital twin to represent you in virtual events, meetings, and other online interactions, allowing you to reach a wider audience

  • #4

    Leverage the digital twin's ability to provide instant responses and engage with your audience at scale, improving customer experience and brand loyalty

Use Cases of PrompBase

  • #1

    Create custom image prompts for the Midjourney AI image generation platform

  • #2

    Experiment with different styles, compositions, and settings to generate unique and visually striking images

  • #3

    Quickly generate a large number of prompts to test various ideas and concepts

  • #4

    Collaborate with others by sharing prompts and discussing the results

  • #5

    Save and refine prompts for future use, building a library of effective prompts

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of PeopleAI 2.0

Enhances Online Presence: PeopleAI 2.0 allows you to create a personalized digital twin, enabling you to engage with your audience in a more authentic and engaging way.

Personalized Conversations: The platform enables you to have personalized conversations with your followers, fostering a deeper connection and more memorable experience.

Boost Personal Brand: By leveraging the power of AI, PeopleAI 2.0 can help you boost your personal brand and stand out in a crowded online landscape.

Impressive List of Influencers: The website showcases an impressive list of influential figures, suggesting the platform's potential to connect you with a wide network of industry leaders and experts.

Privacy Concerns: The use of AI-powered digital twins may raise concerns about privacy and data security, which need to be addressed transparently.

Potential for Misuse: If not used responsibly, the platform's capabilities could be exploited for deceptive or manipulative purposes, potentially eroding trust.

Ongoing Maintenance: Maintaining a high-quality digital twin and keeping it up-to-date with the user's evolving personality and interests may require significant time and effort.

Dependence on AI: Relying too heavily on AI-powered interactions could potentially diminish the authenticity of the user's online presence and engagement with their audience.

Pros and Cons of PrompBase

Comprehensive Prompt Builder: PrompBase provides a user-friendly interface to easily construct complex Midjourney prompts, allowing users to fine-tune various parameters such as content, styles, and settings.

Prompt Optimization: The platform offers helpful tips and suggestions to assist users in balancing prompt weights and adding a seed for consistent results, ensuring optimal image generation.

Variety of Options: PrompBase supports a wide range of styles, lens types, shot types, and other settings, giving users extensive creative control over the generated images.

Saves Time: By streamlining the prompt creation process, PrompBase can significantly reduce the time and effort required to generate high-quality Midjourney images, improving productivity.

Limited to Midjourney: PrompBase is specifically designed for the Midjourney AI system, and may not be compatible with other image generation platforms or models.

Potential Complexity: The comprehensive set of options and settings provided by PrompBase may be overwhelming for some users, particularly those new to Midjourney or prompt engineering.

Reliance on Midjourney: As PrompBase is entirely dependent on the Midjourney platform, any changes or limitations in Midjourney's functionality could directly impact the usability and capabilities of PrompBase.

Subscription-based Model: PrompBase may require a paid subscription, which could be a barrier for some users, especially those with limited budgets or who only need occasional access to the platform.

Website Traffic of PeopleAI 2.0

Monthly Visits4.3K
Average Visit Duration00:00:02
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Page per Visit0.089

Website Traffic of PrompBase

Monthly VisitsNaN
Average Visit DurationNaN:NaN:NaN
Bounce RateNaN%
Page per VisitNaN


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Pricing of PeopleAI 2.0



  • Unlimited Bots

  • Up to 50K GPT4 Turbo Tokens / Month

  • Up to 71K GPT3.5 Tokens / Month

  • Up to 100 Conversations / Month

  • Up to 5K Messages / Month

  • Up to 1 Dataset

  • Up to 1 Skillset

  • Up to 1 Integration

  • Up to 1 File

  • Up to 10 crawed pages

  • Conversation History

  • Light Use

  • Online Support



  • Unlimited Bots

  • Up to 1M GPT4 Turbo Tokens / Month

  • Up to 1.4M GPT3.5 Tokens / Month

  • Up to 1K Conversations / Month

  • Up to 5K Messages / Month

  • Up to 10 Datasets

  • Up to 10 Skillsets

  • Up to 10 Integrations

  • Up to 10 Files

  • Up to 200 crawed pages

  • Conversation History

  • Moderate Use

  • Basic Support



  • Unlimited Bots

  • Up to 2M GPT4 Turbo Tokens / Month

  • Up to 2.8M GPT3.5 Tokens / Month

  • Up to 10K Conversations / Month

  • Up to 50K Messages / Month

  • Up to 100 Datasets

  • Up to 100 Skillsets

  • Up to 100 Integrations

  • Up to 100 Files

  • Up to 1K crawed pages

  • Conversation History

  • Heavy Use

  • Priority Support

  • Advanced Website Crawling

  • Disable ChatBotKit Branding

  • End-user Privacy-enablement features

  • Early access to new features



  • Unlimited Bots

  • Up to 10M GPT4 Turbo Tokens / Month

  • Up to 14M GPT3.5 Tokens / Month

  • Up to 50K Conversations / Month

  • Up to 250K Messages / Month

  • Up to 1K Datasets

  • Up to 1K Skillsets

  • Up to 1K Integrations

  • Up to 1K Files

  • Up to 1K crawed pages

  • Conversation History

  • Super Heavy Use

  • Premium Support

  • Advanced Website Crawling

  • Disable ChatBotKit Branding

  • End-user Privacy-enablement features

  • Early access to new features

  • Team collaboration

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Get faster, prioritized support

Pricing of PrompBase

PeopleAI 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

PrompBase Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, when comparing PeopleAI 2.0 and PrompBase, it's essential to consider your specific needs and priorities. Both AI-powered SAAS products offer unique features and benefits that cater to different use cases and preferences. Ultimately, the decision between PeopleAI 2.0 and PrompBase depends on factors such as your budget, scalability requirements, ease of use, and the specific features that align with your business goals. We recommend evaluating each product's strengths and weaknesses, taking advantage of free trials or demos, and gathering feedback from your team before making a final decision. Regardless of your choice, both PeopleAI 2.0 and PrompBase are powerful AI-driven SAAS solutions that can help streamline your workflows, improve efficiency, and drive growth. By leveraging the capabilities of these cutting-edge tools, you can unlock new opportunities and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.